About Us

Riche Consulting Pty Ltd has been established in 2009 in Chatswood and has a corporate license of Real Estate with our sophisticated network of accountants and Mortgage brokers across Australia who have clients that wish to invest in property. Working together with our network partners we are able to deliver customised solutions for any individual client. We specialize in tailoring financial solutions to meet each individual's personal and financial situation. Our approach is to support you achieving your short term financial goals, whilst planning for your long term future.

We’re located in Chatswood in Sydney, Mount Waverley in Melbourne and also preparing to open in Chermside in Brisbane soon.

Our Team

Riche Consulting All members have qualified Certificates or Licenses of Real Estate and Diploma of Finance for Financial Planning. Most of consultants have Degrees or Masters related to Finance, Business and Education. They are fluent English speaker also talented the other languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages.

Riche Consulting has a workshop related Property Investment as a regular basis not only in English but also in other different languages.